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The Scientific Society of Aesthetic Medicine Agorà, founded by Alberto Massirone in 1984, is active in the development and training of Aesthetic Medicine in Italy and around the world. In accordance with Art. 5 of the law dated March 8, 2017, and Ministerial Decree dated August 2, 2017, the Ministry of Health recognizes Agorà as one of the authorized entities empowered to issue guidelines for Aesthetic Medicine. Physicians and professionals in the field are required to adhere to these guidelines in the practice of Aesthetic Medicine. Agorà aims to bring together physicians practicing Aesthetic Medicine as a preventive and social medicine, primarily focused on the psycho-physical well-being of individuals. The Society is committed to ensuring the reliability and safety of Aesthetic Medicine through its ongoing scientific activities.

Our associative goals

Aesthetic Medicine practice

Agorà aims to bring together in its Association the physicians practicing Aesthetic Medicine, which is considered preventive and social medicine with the primary goal of promoting the psycho-physical well- being of individuals. The objective is to ensure their reliability and safety through the continuous activities carried out by the Scientific Society.

Institutional activities

To present and collaborate as qualified interlocutors with national institutions, as well as with European and international community bodies, in order to make scientific knowledge and specialist experiences available for the continual improvement of public health. This collaboration includes

working in conjunction with other scientific societies.


Agorà is involved in developing study trials related to the discipline, formulating guidelines for the practice of Aesthetic Medicine as per Law No. 24/2017. This includes informed consent and anything else related to the scientific progress of the field, often in collaboration with FISM (Italian Federation of Medical- Scientific Societies) or other relevant societies.

H.E.L.P. Project

One of Agorà’s recent initiatives is the H.E.L.P. Project, a multidisciplinary research project addressing individuals coping with the psychological and physical

challenges of a lasting mark due to illness, trauma, or accident. The aim is to identify operational protocols and medical treatments tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Agorà for patient protection

Agorà actively develops com- munication projects, awareness campaigns, and social prevention initiatives to protect patients and promote a correct model of Aesthetic Medicine, emphasizing its social and preventive aspects. Additionally, Agorà has been selected by the Observatory of Best Practices on safety in healthcare, under the provisions of the decree dated July 29, 2017, to contribute to identifying measures for the prevention and management of health risks and monitoring good practices for care safety.

Our Headquarter

The Agorà Clinical and Educational Center represents a state-of-the-art outpatient and educational facility equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. Our facility provides outpatient spaces for physicians and is also configured as a center dedicated to clinical research.

Additionally, it is designated as a reference center for the in-depth analysis and management of complications, demonstrating a continuous commitment to safety and excellence in the practice of aesthetic medicine. Our structure is designed to provide a suitable environment for advanced training

and updating of physicians, with the aim of promoting high standards in Aesthetic Medicine practice. It features versatile spaces and cutting- edge audio-video technologies for high-level residential and distance education. Finally, it hosts corporate events dedicated to physicians from around the world.

Training Activities



Agorà founded the School of Aesthetic Medicine – S.M.I.E.M. in 1986. The school aims to provide specialized training for physicians in the field of Aesthetic Medicine through both theoretical and practical exploration of all aspects related to this field. The goal is to equip physicians with specialized knowledge, enabling them to identify patient issues through accurate diagnostics and propose appropriate Aesthetic Medicine treatments. The educational program of the school includes: Classroom Lectures, Interactive Webinars, Meet The Expert sessions, Meet The Tutor sessions, Collective Practical Exercises, and Individual Practical Exercises.


The course aims to train physicians in the field of lasers, specifically dedicated to Aesthetic Medicine. The goal is to equip physicians with a foundational understanding and the ability to comprehend the rationale behind key laser treatments and their application on patients.
The course delves into the physical principles and all clinical applications of the field through theoretical modules, simulations on laser simulators, and practical sessions on patients in dedicated laser clinics.


Daily training courses aimed at delving into a specific topic within the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

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A course aimed at enhancing skills in anatomy and injectable techniques, utilising the latest educational resources such ad ultrasound and injection simulators.



This course is designed for individuals who already collaborate or will collaborate with Aesthetic Physicians, Plastic Surgeons, and Dermatologists within clinics and/or outpatient settings.
The program provides training on Aesthetic Medicine treatments, offering the foundational knowledge to respond appropriately to informational inquiries and manage pre- and post-medical visit interactions. It covers elements of marketing for medical practices, customer loyalty, management and quality control tools, patient-physician communication, and practical tools for effectively managing communication channels to enhance patient compliance.

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