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Agorà flies to India - Dr. Magda Belmontesi as Agorà Guest at the SODC 2024 World Congress

Agorà flies to India. The collaboration with the Stalwarts of Dermatology Congress (SODC), held in Mumbai on April 6-7, is a scientific partnership that began in 2023 and has progressively shown its fruits. It started with Agorà's sponsorship at the congress of the world's most populous country, India. This was followed by the participation of three prominent figures, Drs. Sahil Mrigpuri, Meera James, and Viral Desai, in the symposium in Milan, our cosmopolitan city with a European atmosphere. The three Indian specialists presented interesting reports, including one on the role of intercellular communication "shuttles," exosomes, and their novel therapeutic possibilities ("Exosomes: the future of regenerative medicine?"). This year, the collaboration in the field of education and conferences is strengthened, thanks to the opportunity to join IMCAS in the scientific partnership of the SODC World Congress 2024, with a delegate from Agorà. And for a congress that brings together dermatologists, researchers, and clinicians to exchange ideas and contribute to the progress of dermatology, Agorà found in Dr. Magda Belmontesi (the only Italian specialist invited) the ideal expert. The dermatologist, highly competent and a member of Agorà's executive committee, shared her experience in acne scar treatment in the main hall of the congress. The presentation highlighted how topical retinoids (such as topical trifarotene) are a gold standard treatment in acne management, improving skin texture. Also, the results of an injectable non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid gel as a cutaneous booster to optimize skin quality, preventing the appearance of atrophic acne scars, are well-established. Combined, the two treatments optimized their potential in reducing acne scars, potentially related to a skin remodeling effect and collagen stimulation. The presentation, which garnered considerable interest and recognition in the form of a meritocratic award, was also published by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, a leading journal in the field of dermatology. This achievement is significant for Dr. Belmontesi, as it increases her already extensive visibility and professional recognition globally. Having the opportunity to share Dr. Belmontesi's excellent know-how allows colleagues worldwide to implement new practices in their daily work. And for Agorà, increasingly committed to internationalization, this opportunity is a further networking opportunity, fostering collaborations and advancements in research, and consolidating its leadership as a platform for continuous education. Thus, the knowledge and innovations developed by its professionals in the field of medicine, essential for stimulating the adoption of new techniques and technologies, reach an increasingly international audience.


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