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Medical Doctor

aesthetic surgery

After graduating from Baccalaureate, He enrolled in the School of Medicine of the University of Milan in 1985 where he graduated in progress with the vote of 110/110 and honours by taking numerous examinations and publishing his thesis in 1991 on the treatment of burns with artificial skin.
Dr. Maurizio Cavallini- In 1996 he specialized in Plastic Surgery with vote 70/70 and cum laude at the University of Milan, with an experimental thesis on the treatment of burns.
In 1999 he specialized in Microsurgery and Experimental Surgery with a vote of 70/70 cum laude at the University of Milan and discussing an experimental thesis on chemical burns.
He worked until 1996 as Assistant i.F at the Plastic Surgery and Burn Center of the Niguarda Hospital in Milan with Prof. Luigi Donati.
He was Senior Manager at the Division of Plastic Surgery of the Clinical Institutes of Specialization in Milan, dealing with reconstructive surgery, in particular related to congenital malformations.
From April 2000 to 2005 he was Chief Assistant at the Plastic Surgery of the Galeazzi Hospital in Milan.
He was first a volunteer rescue worker and then Health Manager of the Italian Red Cross of some Milanese delegations, dealing with the organization of courses and emergency relief.
He has published numerous articles in national and international specialized journals (more than 100), also contributing to the publication of books and monographs.
He has performed advanced training abroad, in particular at the University of Munich in Germany.
He has participated as a speaker at numerous national and international conferences on plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.
Lecturer of the Master in Aesthetic Surgery and of the Specialization School in Plastic Surgery of the University of Milan since 2007 , lecturer at the 2nd level Master in Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine of the University of Genoa since 2008 , lecturer since the academic year 2002 at the Scuola Superiore Postuniversitaria di medicina ad indirizzo estetico di Milano; lecturer at the Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery of the University of Parma and from 2021 at the University of Sassari
He is a member of several national and European specialized Scientific Societies; in particular he is a full member of the European Association of Aesthetic Surgery of which he has been Vice President since 2008 and is Ordinary Member of the Italian Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (SIPCRE), of the AICPE (Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and phonadatore and ordinary member of AITEB ( Italian association of aesthetic therapies with botulinum)
He is visiting professor in 2008 at the University of Mansoura (Egypt).
He is Editor in Chief of the magazine "Up date in plastic surgery", the official organ of the European Association of Aesthetic Surgery.
He is Head of Dermatosurgery, Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine at the Italian Diagnostic Centre in Milan.
Since 2021 he is elected vice-president of SIES (Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery)

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