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Medical Doctor

aesthetic medicine and trichology

Dr Michela Zazzaron, MD, obtained her Diploma of Medicine and Surgery at the University of
Padua, where she completed a fellowship in Molecular Biology. She furthered her studies with a 4-
years Diploma at the School of Aesthetic Medicine VALET in Bologna, then obtained a Master in
Trichology at the University of Florence and completed a Master’s Diploma program in Anatomy of
the Facial Superficial Structures at the University of Nice in France. In 2018 she attended an IFAAS
Fellowship in Seoul on Mini Invasive Facial rejuvenation and Lifting.
Dr Zazzaron has been a Cosmetic Physician and medical Trichologist since 2008, with a particular
focus on the prevention of skin and hair aging, now she manages a multi-disciplinary team of
Doctors, Nutritionists and Physiotherapists.
Since 2012 she has participated as speaker and trainer in major national and international
congresses of Aesthetics Medicine and Anti-aging Science, presenting innovative protocols for
facial rejuvenation.
She is Speaker and Key Opinion Leader for Major Companies of Aesthetics Fields and teaches
internationally courses about injectables.
Dr Zazzaron is enrolled in several Scientific Societies: she is part of the Scientific Committee of
AITEB (Italian association of Aesthetic Use of Botulinum Toxin), she is member of the Italian
Society of Trichology (SiTri) and collaborates with the most important Italian Aesthetic Medicine
Societies for didactics.
Dr Zazzaron published articles on indexed journal about injectable treatments for lips and was co-
author of a book about regenerative medicine and body laxity.
She is inventor and owner of a Patent for a Solution for Hair Loss.

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