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Rational of the session 

As often happens in the world of Aesthetic Medicine, the prevention and treatment of a possible complication does not begin and ends with the therapy of the same but must take into account a number of medical variables-patients like proper management in both pre and post-treatment.

In the field of clinical practice in aesthetic medicine it is very important not only to know how to do but also to recognize the possible complications that can happen: Their knowledge also involves not only the recognition but also the possibility of their management, therefore the reassurance to the patient, but also that the treatment itself does not carry scar-type aftereffects. The session then starts from the presentation of real and practical cases that will be presented in their clinical symptoms, then in their treatment and finally in their resolution. 

rational of the session

Updates and news

But what exactly is a complication? In Aesthetic Medicine we talk about complication when we are faced with an adverse event that is not expected: it is something that happens by virtue of either the biological reaction by the patient or a technical error performed by the operator. The vast majority of complications is always operator-dependent ie is a technical and "choral" error of planning, product choice, depth level, injection zone target, amount of product injected, maneuvers that are taken, Therefore, the focus on this issue aims to emphasize what are the aspects that must always be taken into account in order not to run into possible complications.

Sometimes the "complication n.1" are unrealistic expectations of patients. Therefore, correct doctor-patient communication is essential: the doctor must always be very clear and transparent in communicating both the benefits but also the possible complications according to the patients' wishes. If, in fact, we find this fundamental misunderstanding at the base, we arrive at the consequential distrust that feeds in the patient that towards the professional and in general towards that of aesthetic medicine.

updates and news

Take home messages 

Participating in the session gives a huge and important knowledge in terms of prevention or management of possible complications: the execution of a treatment in Aesthetic Medicine, In fact, it can not be the result of improvisation but of careful and thorough theoretical-practical training.

take home messages




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