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Rational of the session 

The neck remains one of the anatomical parts most felt by patients but also more difficult to treat for aesthetic medicine, especially when a single method is used instead of using multiple techniques/technologies/protocols in combination. During the session, the major specialists will compare in the combined use of different injectable products, laser, radiofrequency, carboxytherapy, wires, regenerative autologous therapies up to the latest Smart Combination Therapy with peghilate fillers certified to be used in synergy with the most advanced Energy-Based Devices. 

The focus on this theme stems from the fact that, neck care is often neglected, especially during the colder period, when in fact our clothing tends to hide this part of the body. 

With the arrival of the summer this area begins to be more exposed and the different signs of the weather become visible. It is important, therefore, to always take care of the skin of the neck to keep it young, toned and hydrated. But not only. Wrong habits can negatively affect this area: just think of all the times you consult the applications on mobile phones and tablets, held more or less at the chest, which greatly contribute to spoiling the posture with the head tilted down. This attitude also facilitates the appearance of horizontal wrinkles on the neck, the so-called Venus necklaces, already at a young age. The set of ailments and imperfections in this area, therefore, is called tech-neck that in Italian means neck by technology and is the most current expression of the so widespread techno-dependence.

rational of the session

Updates and news

Neck aging is determined both by intrinsic factors, due to the passage of time and leading to chrono-aging, and by extrinsic factors such as incorrect exposure to sunlight or smoking that determine photo-aging. All this is manifested by the appearance of spots on the skin, increased and dilated capillaries, accentuation of micro-wrinkles and wrinkles, decreased tone and elasticity of the skin and muscle-cutaneous sagging. For this reason, numerous requests from patients regarding different aspects of the aesthetics of the neck are confirmed, which must be analyzed individually, but treated in synergy with a correct therapeutic protocol with predefined intervals by the aesthetic doctor.

updates and news

Take home messages 

The neck represents one of the first zones to show the signs of the time as the skin is very thin and almost devoid of sebaceous glands and with a smaller amount of adipose tissue is so less hydrated and less protected than the face. In addition, during aging occurs relaxation of the platisma, lateral symmetrical mimic muscle, which also causes the sagging of the skin that appears so rougher and flabby. The goal of the session will be to allow, therefore, to address the different aesthetic-functional problems of the neck, explaining better how to create synergies thanks to a detailed analysis that starts from the anatomy, through diagnosis and ending with the creation of one or more personalized protocols obtained by choosing the best medical procedures for each patient. 

take home messages



Roberto Dell'Avanzato
Presentation of the session: The neck - combined techniques
Emanuele Bartoletti
Lectio magistralis: Medical-surgical approach in the treatment of the neck
Andrea Alessandrini
The neck and its dynamic-structural complexity: how to restore the balance between skin, fat and muscle. Combined protocol
Raffaele Rauso
Pre and retro platysmatic anatomy of the neck
Alessandro Gennai
Role of TAR and non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid in neck antiaging therapy
Riccardo Forte
Endolift and EndoliftX for the neck and under the chin
Michela Zazzaron
Combined approach to the treatment of the neck area with HCC and skin booster: personal experience
Giovanni Salti
Hyaluronic acid and neck threads
Maurizio Cavallini
Botulinum toxin and polynucleotides
Nicola Zerbinati
Lectio Magistralis: Neck and SCT with PEG fillers


neck, combined techniques, aesthetic medicine
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