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Rational of the session 

Today, in the panorama of Aesthetic Medicine, the use of different techniques in combination represents an increasingly frequent approach but often clash without precise definitions. By treatment synergies, we mean, procedures to associate different processes that have the same therapeutic goal and are able to support and empower each other, so as to reduce the risk of extreme use of the single method but instead ensure more harmonious and less forced results.

This is why the session will present a series of associative proposals of which the speakers have clinical experience, trying to define precisely the contribution of the individual method to the overall result. In this sense we asked the speakers to limit the presentation to the association of only two therapeutic methods.

rational of the session

Updates and news

Today, patients are beginning to understand the importance of an approach not linked to a particular problem but, dedicated to the set of components, anatomical, morphological, physiological and psychological, that make a face or a body more beautiful or attractive. The demand is therefore shifting from rejuvenation to beauty, with a greater number of young patients and a newfound awareness even in older patients, that each age has its own beauty: where to appear fit, with a good harmony of the various components of the face or body, often represents a more desirable result than the mere aesthetic sense.

updates and news

Take home messages 

The session is an excellent time for discussion and comparison in order to provide a series of combination protocols already tested by experienced professionals who can be applied, from the next day, in their daily clinical practice.

take home messages




Roberta D’Emilio, Adriano Santorelli

Ting Song Lim
The new combination for non-surgical facelifts
Roberta D'Emilio
Botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid in full face approach
Adriano Santorelli
Fillers and threads for the remodeling of the middle and lower third of the face
Roberta Fassari
Synergistic action of needle radiofrequency and biorevitalization to stimulate dermal redensification
Pasquale DI Molfetta
Energies and fillers for the lower third of the face
Roberto Dell'Avanzato
1470 nm laser with subcutaneous fiber and microfocused ultrasound with ultrasound control for facial laxity
Fabrizio Melfa
Regenerative Autologous Therapy and calcium hydroxyapatite full face
Fabrizio Vignoli
Radiofrequency and injectable polylactic acid for abdominal laxity


combined treatments, face, harmony, aesthetic medicine, botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, filler, threads, radiofrequency, laser, laxity, synergy treatments, poli lactic acid, autologous regenerative therapy
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