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Rational of the session 

An extremely innovative session with a precise focus on current demands. In a new era that is the third millennium, the demands have changed: we no longer focus only on the improvement of wrinkles or signs of the time, we no longer address only the patient over 50 but the panorama of Aesthetic Medicine and the patients themselves have changed. Many, many requests from young and very young people in a perspective aimed at prevention and not only.

In this session we will discuss the concept of beauty according to classical considerations and how this evolved in the modern era from boomers to generation Z. A "demographic" analysis will be performed of the different groups of patients involved in cosmetic medicine/plastic surgery studies, combining it with the demands of patients. It will be discussed how to achieve the goal of interpreting beauty for each of the patients through consultation, to arrive at the result of an individualized and not stereotypical beauty.

rational of the session

Updates and news

Among the main novelties that the session will certainly highlight we find an important change of trend: the advent in medical aesthetic studies of young and very young patients. 

If until now the Aesthetic Medicine was destined and dedicated to certain patients more interested in treating and improving the signs of time, today the patients, the times and especially the requests have changed. We must not forget that often the request and the research turn to a beauty increasingly standardized with aesthetic standards that respond to this type. The primary objective of aesthetic doctors is therefore to be the right mix between treatment proposals and creations of aesthetic standards valid and acceptable avoiding excesses. Even the treatment related to "psychological" discomforts such as insecurity - which sees its birth from (false) models related to social is due to requests sometimes far from reality and the natural harmony between forms and volumes.

To know the trends and how they evolve to apply personalized injection techniques of volumization, neuromodulation and combination according to safety criteria and scientific updating. Moreover, knowing how to identify and respond to real aesthetic needs and situations linked to a fragility that the Aesthetic Doctor is ethically called to do. 

updates and news

Take home messages 

Participating in the session means bringing home an analytical vision of what are the demands of patients and therefore a greater awareness and ability to 360-sided treatment: both in the type of treatment but also in the execution of the treatment itself. A technical declination in different patient settings.

take home messages



The concept of beauty in the modern era: a tool of well-being or social conditioning
Live survey of participants and discussion of results with the expert
Maria Grazia Patalano
Gender Aesthetic Medicine. Differences in injective treatments of volumization and neuromodulation between men and women
Erminio Mastroluca
Gender fluidity and transition. Aesthetic and multidisciplinary approach
Monica Renga
From boomers to millennials: the evolution of Aesthetic Medicine
Matteo Tretti Clementoni
Beauty as disease treatment: complicated cases of restorative medicine
Gloria Trocchi
Differences in over 65 treatment? Literature and personal cases
Raffaella Casilli
The importance of the consultation for achieving individualized results and patient satisfaction


third millennium, patients, aesthetic medicine, consultation, over 65, restorative medicine, boomer, millenial, gender fluidity, volumization, neuromodulation
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