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Rational of the session 

The choice to dedicate a session to this theme is given by the fact that this microcosm must be widely known by all professionals who use them, in order to provide the best results as well as safe for both body and face.

rational of the session

Updates and news

This session offers beautiful and useful opportunities for updating and knowledge about what is new and fundamental about anatomy, ultrasound, products, techniques and safety guidelines.

updates and news

Take home messages 

Participating in this session means taking home a unique formative experience of study and comparison. A valuable and interactive experience thanks to the latest scientific updates, security and evidence-based best practices. A rich and cutting-edge program thanks to the involvement of an international faculty of high scientific value.

take home messages




Dalvi Humzah

Piero Crabai
Hyaluronic acid body filler complications: how to avoid, how to treat
Massimiliano Brambilla
Introduction to the session
Hema Sundaram
Body filler and safety
Dalvi Humzah
Gluteal area and hands: safe and dangerous areas
Katarina Andjelkov
Calves anatomy for injectors
Giovanni Salti
Long term experience with PLLA for buttocks remodelling
Dvora Ancona
Calcium hydroxiapatite as a body filler: the cannula technique
Fabio Fantozzi
Hyaluronic acid for calves reshaping
Andrea Margara
Hyaluronic acid for gluteal reshaping
Massimiliano Brambilla
Hyaluronic acid for gluteal shaping
Senera Hoxha
Body filler for the hip dip treatment


body filler, problem solving, aesthetic medicine, body filler, imaging, buttock, calves, hands
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