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Rational of the session 

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. However, it is worth noting that our face can sometimes be a deceptive vehicle of emotions, as it may express conflicting feelings compared to our actual mood. The use of fillers and botulinum toxin offers the opportunity to restore a serene, more relaxed and rested appearance, thus correcting the negative perceptions erroneously interpreted by observers. Patients' requests go well beyond the correction of individual wrinkles; they often desire an overall improvement of their face. A significant example in this context is represented by glabellar wrinkles, which can give an individual a severe, angry, or even sad look, creating a distorted perception of their personality.
Correcting such features through minimally invasive outpatient treatments can result in a more empathetic and pleasing appearance, which has a positive impact not only on their social life but also on their professional one. The session we will present will be conducted by renowned experts in filler and botulinum toxin treatments, who will illustrate, through a thorough analysis of emotions, the most effective corrective methodologies.

rational of the session

Updates and news

The ubiquity of social media and the widespread use of selfies have led many individuals to turn to Aesthetic Medicine. Often, these photos provide a distorted view of oneself, which does not necessarily reflect one's actual mood. Human emotions are sometimes betrayed by the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, which can give a negative aura to the face, even though the emotion in question is not actually present. To date, doctors have understood that evaluating the face must consider not only its three-dimensionality but also its dynamic aspect, and this requires a comprehensive consideration that goes beyond mere correction of individual aspects.

updates and news

Take home messages 

The main objectives of this session are diverse. Firstly, we aim to analyze the muscles involved in facial expressions to understand their dynamics. Secondly, we want to provide a comprehensive view of the various filler and botulinum toxin techniques and intend to illustrate how it is possible to interact selectively with muscular dynamics through the application of such treatments. Finally, we will demonstrate how even small corrections can contribute to giving a more energetic and determined look to the face, allowing patients to project a more positive perception of themselves.

take home messages




Matt Stefanelli, Nicola Zerbinati, Heidi Waldorf

Ivano Iozzo
When expressions do not match emotions?
Matt Stefanelli
Anatomical structures involved in facial expressions
Roberta D'Emilio
Integrated method for the treatment of hypertonia of muscles associated with the mimic of wonder
Nicola Zerbinati
Synergic approach combining fillers and botulinum toxin to treat rabies-associated muscle hyperactivity
Giovanni Salti
Using botulinum toxin and filler to relieve facial tension
Michela Zazzaron
Filler and botulinum toxin for a determined and energetic face
Salvatore Piero Fundarò
Corrective approaches to mitigate expression of facial disgust
Patrizia Piersini
Corrective treatments to soften facial sadness
Nicola Kefalas
Filler and botulinum toxin to correct tired face appearance
Heidi Waldorf
Tips, tidibits and take-aways: Heideas on filler success
Carlo Di Gregorio
Synergistic injective therapies. How to improve facial expression and maintain the result


filler, botulinum toxin, corrective interventions, aesthetic medicine, emotions
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