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Rational of the session 

When talking about lip fillers you often have, mistakenly, the perception of talking about things already said. Nothing more wrong and far. Today, we are actually at a scientific turning point as we face two very different techniques that can be grouped into horizontal and vertical techniques. The latter, although they began in 2015, have had an explosion in recent times, that is, since the "Russian Lips" technique was born. As often happens on the wave of enthusiasm, techniques are embraced without fully knowing the advantages, limits and potential complications. The task of the session will be to face all this in a perfect mix of training and information.

rational of the session

Updates and news

To participate in the session means to receive concrete notions on the specific anatomy of that region and clear answers on advantages and potential complications of the different techniques: All of this is carried out in depth and conveyed by the most significant exponents on the world - national and international - scene of Aesthetic Medicine. 

updates and news

Take home messages 

Participating in the session gives a huge and important knowledge in terms of prevention or management of possible complications: the execution of a treatment in Aesthetic Medicine, In fact, it can not be the result of improvisation but of careful and thorough theoretical-practical training.

take home messages



Tom Van Eijk
Lip tenting technique
Filippo Brighetti
My personal approach to the treatment
Andrea Armenti
My personal approach to the treatment
Pierluigi Gigliofiorito
My personal approach to the treatment
Hassan Galadari
Lips: 3 different approaches, same result


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