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Rational of the session 

The choice to dedicate a conference session to the patient man is given by the fact that still, despite the requests and the confirmation of the numbers, too little is said about it. Aesthetic attention is, almost, the exclusive prerogative of women as if beauty were their exclusive prerogative. For years the man is like "forgotten" Some sporadic male on some brochure just to give a sense of breakup. And yet TV advertising and the cosmetics market has been moving forward for years and researching a new business model: the patient man. 

The aesthetic demands and the techniques at our disposal allow us, in fact, to draw up an identikit of our patient and above all understand where we are going. 

Not least today the dermoiniettive techniques allow us to feminize the male faces. 

rational of the session

Updates and news

The lower third of the face is undoubtedly the most requested aesthetic treatment by male patients. The idea of defining the mandibular contour and being more sexually attractive pushes many very young people into the aesthetic doctor’s office. This is followed by the treatment of rhinoceros that allows us to regularize a profile without resorting to surgery, after careful selection of the patient. 

However, there are many patients who do not want to accentuate the male characters of the face but emphasize the androgenicity often linked to their young age. To standardize and categorize them in a single aesthetic prototype is impossible. Their mental fluidity is often reflected in the features of their faces.

Today we live a daily life made of likes and followers. So it becomes inevitable during screenroll to be pleasantly surprised by a shape of a face or a skin free of imperfections. Perhaps we are witnessing a new-countertrend: many in fact do not want to be like some "famous" of social because exaggerated or because they belong to a model that you do not want to approach because it is far from us. 

updates and news

Take home messages 

The approach to the human patient is different starting from the initial visit and following the same approach to treatment: this will be one of the main focus that will emerge from the sesisone. The future is this and it is now: it is unthinkable therefore, in this panorama, to hold again and marginally the figure of the patient man and the relative specific demands. "From the decision of the forms to the kindness of the lines" that is an overview on the theme of masculinization to reach the theme of the feminization of the male face in the perspective of gender transition.

take home messages



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