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Rational of the session 

The rinofiller is among the methods that in recent years has grown exponentially with the results increasingly surprising. This growth has led to increasingly broad indications of cases that until a few years ago were treated surgically, while today, with the necessary skills, can be treated in a less invasive but equally effective.

The session then looks at that type of treatment with rhinos "difficult and complicated" that until a few years ago could be treated exclusively at the surgical level: are the noses with functional problems, with trauma outcomes or who have already undergone surgery with unsatisfactory outcomes.

rational of the session

Updates and news

After covid, a period in which there was a greater and more careful observation of oneself, also the aesthetic aspect has had an increasingly preponderant component especially for the increasingly massive use of social media that in some way have emphasized and emphasized the various imperfections. The demands therefore are increased and consequently the type of patient that demanded a treatment with rinofiller consequently increasing the number of cases "difficult or complex"

updates and news

Take home messages 

Il Rinofiller probabilmente ha cambiato il mondo della medicina estetica come pochi trattamenti negli ultimi anni. Ciò non toglie che rimane una delle metodiche più sofisticate e potenzialmente dannose, da qui l’importanza della costante fomazione-informazione e divulgazione. Il medico estetico, infatti, deve innalzare notevolmente le proprie competenze, mantenendole tali grazie alla costante formazione, al fine di avere risultati sempre più eccellenti e naturali.

take home messages




Giovanni Salti

Maurizio Cavallini
Introduction to the anatomy of the nose
Franco Vercesi
Rhinofillers with caprolactone
Luigia Aiello
Personal technique
Adriano Santorelli
Rinofiller the next step
Salvatore Artiano
Personal technique
Pasquale Di Molfetta
Personal technique with cannula
Melania Battistella
Personal technique with wires
Francesco Segreto
Technique with hyaluronic acid grafts
Andrea Armenti
Rhinofiller: because it’s a technique I don’t use
Erminio Mastroluca
Personal technique to solve complications


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