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Rational of the session 

In the wake of 2022 success, which featured the multidisciplinary approach to full face, in 2023 will be presented an update on the topic with a special session dedicated. When we talk about a multidisciplinary approach, we talk about an overall framework of the patient in the harmony of his face, meaning a differentiation between the needs related to aging. During the session there will be various frameworks related to the full face: from the one aimed at anti aging respect, for example, to the need for imperfections or correction of some symmetries or some dysmorphism; The aim is to harmonize the face to the point of addressing the issue of prevention with full-face frameworks of young women with the aim of delaying ageing and preventing some of its direct consequences.
Everything will be presented and summarized under a single dogma: abolish more and more puffy faces, heavy almost "transformed" in the true sense of the word preferring, instead, full respect and harmony of shapes, volumes and proportions. 
After the great interest in 2022, it was therefore right to dedicate a session to this issue. Taking up many concepts expressed in a perspective of revaluation, deepening or new knowledge will therefore be the goal that the session aims to achieve in this new edition.

rational of the session

Updates and news

Social, trends and influencers certainly influence, and not in a positive way, the choices and requests that in recent years come from more and more patients, even young and very young. This "exaggerated" fashion, from every point of view, however, has in fact split the "market" and therefore the type of patients who turn to the professional. In fact, the Aesthetic Doctors assist in a dichotomy between patients: young people and their requests influenced by social media and those non-patients so "scared" not even want to face the clinical path for fear of upsetting and see transform or weigh down your face. It is therefore essential to focus on a "third strand" educating to restore the balance to ensure that these patients become witnesses of the approach of what is the goal of aesthetic medicine: harmony and safety.
Safety as an essential element that will also be treated and deepened both in the diagnostic and in the treatment part. 
To summarize: multidisciplinarity will mean identifying the different types of patients, as well as the different types of treatment (full face embraces various types of treatment such as peeling, fillers, botulinum toxin, threads, equipment etc...) all built around a specific need starting from the correct diagnosis.

updates and news

Take home messages 

In the last decade there has been an exasperation in the demand for full face treatments with a push towards a Aesthetic Medicine closer and closer to Cosmetic Surgery both in terms of duration, of results and volumes eradicating what is the founding theme of Aesthetic Medicine: full respect for the proportions, harmony, simplicity and naturalness that patients now require.
The approach of the Aesthetic Physician is therefore fundamental. The more common it becomes - as it happens in many other branches of medicine with criteria of behavior, methodologies of approach - and the more uniform the approach that is given, the less disconcerted patients are and, Consequently, discouraged by the professional or the sector of Aesthetic Medicine in general. Among the various take home messages of the session, particular mention go to the issues of security and transparency as well as the skills of scientific training conveyed, thanks to the numerous references of literature, and the sharing and synergy of networking among professionals involved.

take home messages




Roberta D'Emilio, Roberto Dell'Avanzato

Andrea Cordovana
Full face: past, present and future
Riccardo Lazzari
"Young requests": full face in gen Y and Z
Stefania Belletti
Role of the ultrasound and diagnostic devices for the optimal full face approach
Simone Ugo Urso
Biostimulaton 2.0: strategy and device, a winning combination
Michela Zazzaron
Bioremodelling full face approach for an overboost effect
Caterina Cerretani
Combined approaches for a long-lasting anti-aging result
Roberta D'Emilio
Botulinum toxin: towards infinity and beyond
Roberto Dell'Avanzato
Endolift and combined techniques for non-surgical face lift
Maria Gabriella Di Russo
A new and winning concept of male beauty: what are the male demands in an Aesthetic Medicine clinic
Marco Papagni
Full face approach: pitfalls and prevention of possible filler problems


full face, harmony, beauty, security, combined treatments, botulinum toxin, filler, risk areas, complications, biostimulation, peeling, threads, aesthetic medicine
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