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October 5th-7th, 2023

MiCo - Milano Convention Centre


December 25th, 2022
June 11st, 2023
Abstract acceptance
July 1st, 2023


THE DEADLINE WAS SET AT 11:59 PM OF 11/06/2023

For any information please email to
or call +39 0286453780 - option 4 Medical Affairs



The only method allowed for the abstract submission is the online procedure below.

Abstracts sent via email or any other submission method will not be accepted.



  • Submitter: name, surname, nation, affiliation (society, institution), mobile phone number, email;

  • Presenting author: name, surname, nation, city, affiliation (society, institution), mobile phone number, email, CV;

  • Altri autori (facoltativo): name, surname, nation, city, affiliation (society, institution), mobile phone number, email, CV;

  • Abstract: title (ITA+ENG), abstract, active ingredient and/or technology used, trade name of the drug and/or medical device, anatomical areas, treatment or technology, therapeutic purpose, abstract type (invited session, specialist day, spontaneous abstract);

  • Occupation: medical doctor, dentist, pharmacist, biologist, nurse, any other occupation.


  • After the submission is completed, you will receive a confirmation email containing a numerical PIN code. By entering this PIN code together with your surname on the abstract submission form, you will be able to check the status of your abstract.


Speakers could present their lectures either in Italian or English languages. For those who do not understand one of the languages, simultaneous translation devices will be available.


The only method allowed for the abstract submission is the online procedure below.

Abstracts sent via email or any other submission method will not be accepted.


Times and methods of the presentation
The available time for the presentation is 10 minutes;
The use of personal notebook (Windows or iOS) will not be allowed in any way; the Speaker or whoever is appointed by him/her must go to the Slide Center, appropriate ahead the scheduled time for the start of the presentation, equipped with any kind of support (USB drive, Hard Disk, CD-rom, DVD-rom) containing the presentation;
The presentation must be produced in Power Point, KeyNote or PDF format, in order to avoid any visibility issue at the Congress Venue.
Presentation contents
It is mandatory, if needed, to insert 1 introductory slide, reporting the following points:
1. Trade name of the drug, medical device or equipment used or treated during the presentation and the italian manufacturing or selling Company;
2. Indication of any form of financing, facilitation, supply of products of equipment by the manufacturer of the drug, medical device or equipment, as also stated on ECM regulation;
3. Any note indicating the off-label use of the drug, in order to ensure a proper and transparent information to the medical audience.
Presented activities
Before, after and during the report presentation, it is forbidden to advertise and to quote associative, congressual and training activities, unless it is previously authorized by Agorà Scientific Committee in written form.
During the report presentation and in the distributed material, it is forbidden to disclose information against the programmatic lines of Agorà Servizi Srl.


Since Congresso Agorà is a medical-scientific event and not an academic lesson, basic concepts relating to the drugs, medical devices, equipments or techniques must not be illustrated; the presentation must focus on the novelties and specificities of the drug, medical device, equipment or technique presented, also using the support of clinical cases and their result (pre- and post-treatment photographs), internatonal bibliographic references, etc...
Responsibility of the contents
Any responsibility resulting from the contents presented by the Speaker will be considered EXCLUSIVE responsibility of the Speaker, who is committed to keep the Scientific Society, the Logistic Secretary and the Scientific Manager of the Event unharmed from any request for compensation he may receive.

Assumption of responsibility for the presented contents and authorization for the processing of personal data
The Speaker consciously declares that he is the only responsible for the contents subject of the presentation(s), that he undertakes to keep Agorà and all the related entities unharmed from any claim for compensation Agorà may receive as a result of the presented contents, also undertaing to reimburse any related legal cost. The Speaker authorizes the processing of personal data, according to the European Regulation "GDPR" 649/2016 and the National Legislation DL 101/18, Agorà Servizi Srl, Agorà scientific company and their relative partners and collaborators, in order to fulfill the event procedures, send informative communications and make the photo-video reportage.


The registration fee for the Presenting Author is € 300,00 tax included.
The Presenting Author will be entitled to a full congress badge, which will allow him to:

  • Free access to the congress halls for the 3 days of the congress;

  • Collect the congress kit;

  • Enjoy the catering service;

  • Receive the certificate of participation as a faculty.

Following the abstract approval by the Scientific Committee, it will be mandatory to complete the registration to the congress, by paying the registration fee, either indipendently or through a sponsor company. The payment of the registration fee, either indipendently or sponsored, is a mandatory condition for the collection of the congress badge and presentetion of the report.

Any co-authors, who have participated in the drafting of the scientific work, must be indicated by filling in all the required data and, upon registration, they will be entitled to access the congress with a formula reserved for them at € 400,00 I.V.A. included, for the 3 days of the congress.

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