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Rational of the session 

The chin contributes in a crucial way to the harmony of the face, both in static and dynamic. An elusive or unbalanced chin with the rest of the face can take much away from the harmony of the face and the perception of overall beauty; a proper projection of the chin and the paramentonal region also enhances the lips and characterizes the face making it more interesting and attractive.

While in profilometry the importance of the chin in relation to the nasal and frontal structure is well known, less is said about the fundamental role of the restoration of the chin region in the patient where we have to fight aging.

The chin, therefore, represents an area of the face determinant is in the within of procedures of rearmament of the face, is in the within of the strategies of rejuvenation of the same one; However, often this is a region that remains secondary in the plan of aesthetic medical treatment. 

The first aim of the session is therefore to encourage the participants to consider the approach to the chin as primary and to give them the practical tools that allow a correct assessment Consequently, the choice of appropriate techniques to reshape the chin according to the aesthetic effect that you want to achieve.

Among the speakers involved in the session the leading experts in injective techniques (fillers and botulinum toxin) and in use of EBD, who will make their experience available in a discussion that will be very stimulating.

rational of the session

Updates and news

In recent years I have deepened a lot the techniques of approach to the region and I realized that on average there is a trivialization of the injective act, which would reduce the filler to a suprperiosseous central inoculum and the simplified botulinum toxin inoculum to a single central point in the chin muscle; well the treatment of the region can (and must) be extremely more refined and, as for the rest of the face, personalized.

The purpose of the session, therefore, will be to propose an approach not trivialized to the chin region both with injectable devices - fillers and botulinum toxin in the first place -, sia anche con l'apporto delle tecnologie, since the indirect effect these can have on the aesthetics of the lower third of the face and neck is very impactful.

updates and news

Take home messages 

The session will aim to convey relevant messages such as the importance of the assesment and prioritization of the treatment of the chin region as a great contribution to the harmony of the patient’s face and the importance of personalization of the treatments themselves in the chin region, which must include sophisticated injection techniques and integration with EBD.

The session will give a new light on the importance of the treatment of the chin region, not only in the well-known perspective of profilometry, but also in facial rejuvenation strategies, all in order to refine the results for our patients to the maximum.

take home messages



Anatomical Introduction
Erminio Mastroluca
Differential aesthetic assessment
Roberta D'Emilio
The role of botulinum toxin
Luciano Lanfranchi
Opportunities and limits in the use of injectables
Giovanni Salti
Timing, combination of injectables and duration of the result
Roberto Dell'Avanzato
Non-surgical lifting of the chin with endolift and eco-guided microfocused ultrasound
Eyal Kramer
My Clift technique for hyaluronic acid-based face lift


chin, face, remodeling techniques, aesthetic medicine, lifting, endolift, botulinum toxin
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